Baltic amber, called “succinate” is petrified resin of coniferous trees. Its origin dates back to the approximately 40 million years ago.

History and the beauty hidden in amber has fascinated people for centuries and makes it exceptional. Amber was already known and appreciated in the Roman Empire, shopping expeditions from V century B.C have formed so-called amber track- leading from Adriatic to the Baltic Sea. He has magical power that affects our aura. According to natural medicine, amber, by producing negative charges, balances our magnetic field disturbed by stress or diseases caused by positive charges. Thanks to its chemical composition, it has a positive influence on diseases such as thyroid diseases, respiratory system and heart diseases. It is also beneficial for children during the period of teeth teething, also the necklace of small balls will protect them from allergies and all kinds of bacteria.


In Poland, the largest concentration of jewelry workshops specializing in amber products is in the north of Poland, mainly in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Kołobrzeg.

From there they go into the world, making them a symbol associated with Poland.

The variety of amber is impressive, form and performance remain the result of the unlimited imagination of the artists. From irregular forms with residual bark to ground mold with extraordinary accuracy, their shape is intimidating.

It is similar with the color.  From white to yellow and brown tones. Darker tones, up to the color of a strong tea, are caused by the oxidation of amber exposed to oxygen. The longer the process lasts, the darker the stone will be. A less popular but equally beautiful shade of green is due to the presence of organic compounds in the resin and their subsequent decomposition. If you are lucky you can find so-called organic inclusions in it, it is nothing else than frozen insects, arachnids or plant remnants. The gas bubbles in the lumps determine the transparency and are the remnants of the water that was part of the resin. The more bubbles there are, the less transparent the shape will be.  In touch it is warm and soft and when rubbed it smells of nice resin. Amber has always aroused delight, being at the same time a symbol of prestige and wealth, and so it has remained to this day

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